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Maya's Payment Solutions can further your business' growth, providing your business with reach and security in the expanding digital payments space. Allow your business to accept cashless payments using a variety of payment methods, mitigate your PCI risks and reduce costs.

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Maya offers payment solutions that are designed to work together, making it easy to match your business cases or expand your offering.

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Maya’s Invoice Products enable a merchant offer payments acceptance by sending out invoices via email; or by sending their own payment URL to any communication channels, like SMS, Viber, Email, etc.

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Using plugins via an eCommerce platform


Use our plugins on these eCommerce Platforms for a no code integration with the Maya’s checkout.

A suite of services including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools. Maya Plugin on Shopify will enable Maya’s checkout on your website. See full guide here.

An open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Use Maya Business Plugin and give your customers a better online checkout experience. See full guide here.

An open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. With Maya Business Plugin, enable Maya’s checkout on your website. See full guide here.

Integrate directly with APIs

Checkout (Redirect Page)


Offer your customers to pay their online purchases using payment cards or e-wallets. Maya checkout simplifies the checkout process while providing a secure digital payment experience to your customers.

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Pay with Maya


Pay with Maya empowers entrepreneurs like you to unlock the full potential of digital payments, delivering an innovative and secure payment experience to every consumer in the new digital ecosystem.

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Maya Card Payment Vault


Upgrade your online payments acceptance, with the use of Maya Card Payment Vault. Accept card payments within your website or app. Have Maya tokenize the card details, which enables you the flexibility to charge customers one-time, via subscription-based, or secure card storage for future automated customer payments.

Integrate with Vault

Web and Mobile SDKs

You can also accept payments in your UI by using Maya’s SDKs:

Mobile SDKs:

Handling Post-Payment Events

We require using Webhooks (also called a web callback), to allow Maya to send payment-related information or events, letting your application know an event has happened. This is available for Checkout, Vault, and Pay with Maya. Learn more →

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