If you need further assistance, you may contact these channels for the following topics:

Merchant Signup

Grow your business with Maya
Contact [email protected]

Related Inquiries:

  • Submit business documents to become a Maya partner.

Merchant Assistance

Already a Maya Business Partner?
Contact [email protected] or explore Maya Business Help Desk.

Related Inquiries:

  • Production concerns
  • Transaction & Settlement Reports
  • In-store materials
  • New e-wallet / product onboarding requests

Development Roadblock

Check our Maya Developer Hub Service Desk Guide to learn how to create a ticket.

Related Inquiries:

  • Sandbox concerns
  • Sandbox access
  • Concerns on API connection
  • Other technical implementation inquires

Development General Information

Ask our Maya Developer Community via the Developer Discussions

Related Inquiries:

  • Inquiries about the documentation in Maya Developers Hub.