Maya Terminals

Maya Terminals is an industry-compliant payment platform offering a secure cashless environment for merchants and customers.

A better way to get paid

What are the Maya Terminals?

Support omni payment channels including magnetic strip card, IC card, NFC and QR code

ℹ️ Maya has PAX and Sunmi terminals. Your Maya Relationship Manager is happy to explore these 2 hardware options that will fit your business.

Launch Card Acceptance and QR Payments

Start accepting in-store payments by enabling acceptance of any of the following card brands and process QR-presented payments.

ℹ️ Rack rate varies per enabled Card brand or payment method, discuss this with your Maya Relations Manager or visit Maya Business.


Other supported functionalities but are available for 3rd Party applications only:

Balance Inquiry
Top up
Fetch (balance update of offline cards/loyalty)

How it works

Integration Options

No Code Integration


Recommended for non technical partners. Leverage the functionalities of Maya Terminal without the need to code or start accepting payments while Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) integration is in development. This will require manual input of approval code from Maya Terminal to your Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) to tag the transaction or scan the generated bar code in the Maya Terminal.

Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) Integration


Recommended for all partners. Streamline your process by integrating Maya Terminal to your Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) for automatic tagging of transactions which will help ease the burden to your cashiers.

Getting started with your ECR Integration

What’s included in the integration kit:

  • ECR Integration Guide
  • Latest ECR Specifications
  • USB Driver
  • USB Driver Installation Guide
  • Emulator (Test tool for merchants - Python, .NET)
  • ECR UAT Test Cases

⚠️ Sign the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Maya to acquire the integration kit.

Apply now and become a Maya Merchant!

  1. Reach out and Sign up! Contact our Maya Relationship Managers or reach us via [email protected] and kick start the project with Maya.
  2. Get the Kits. Receive and unbox the integration kits and Maya terminals. 
  3. Time to integrate! Perform your development and test your integrations.
  4. Get support from Maya during initial integrations and testing.
  5. Launch time! Build your Business and Enjoy the perks of being a Maya Merchant Partner!

Need support?

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us via our Support page.


You may also refer to our FAQ page to view questions asked by other developers that have been answered.