Maya Mini Apps

Maya Mini Apps Solution connects your business to Maya's fast-growing consumer base.
Engage with new consumers to provide your services with seamless access and hassle-free financial transactions.

Become an App within Maya

Grow your business by becoming a Maya Mini App in the Maya ecosystem.

The Maya Mini App Advantage

Key Features

By integrating with Maya and becoming a Maya Mini App, you will be able to enjoy new traffic sources with relevant users at the right time while removing frictions for you and your consumers for a rewarding and hassle-free financial experience.

| Profile Passing

Get access to consumer-consented individual account information to remove friction during onboarding and payment into your service.
Consumers no longer need to manually fill out forms with information that Maya already collects.

| Payment

Enable your consumers to easily pay using their Maya wallet.
Consumers no longer need to re-login every time they pay.

| Cash Out

Enable your consumers to conveniently exit their balances* to their Maya wallet.
Consumers no longer need to re-login every time they cash out.

*For businesses that include services with their own fiat-convertible credits or currencies (e.g. points).
Currently available as an add-on solution, see Money Transfer Products.

| More to come...

Grow your business as a Maya Mini App

Start your Maya Mini Apps journey with us. For a more detailed view, refer to the Quick Start Guide.

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