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How to create Token ID for P3 Sale API?

Reference: https://cdn.paymaya.com/sandbox/payments_api/paymayap3/paymayap3.html#web-apis-authorizations-and-payments-post How do we create a Token ID for the "payer.fundingInstrument.card.tokenId" field of P3 Sale API? Looking through the documentation, there is a Create Payment Token API (https://developers.maya.ph/reference/createv1paymenttoken). When I use the Token returned by Create Payment Token API in the "tokenId" field, the P3 Sale API returns an error of "'tokenId' must have 1 to 36 alphanumeric characters only" Is there an available API for P3 Tokenization? Thanks

How to Secure Webhooks

I'm creating an endpoint to receive the Checkout Status of each payment. How can I validate or check each webhook to know that it really came from Paymaya ? https://developers.maya.ph/61b96fea0580d500252891b5 I checked this link but it not working. Thanks

Got stuck with No.7 with the new migration

For your no.7 instruction, what can I do when the page would not let me paste my token and api even my shop name.

How do we retrieve all payment transactions by merchant?

Hi, Is there a way to list all transactions under a merchant account filtered by date-time?

Is there any sample code for PHP?

Better if Maya dev provide a sample source code.

How to use parameter 'redirectUrl' in endpoint 'Create Dynamic QR'

Hi Maya Dev, I am using the endpoint 'Create Dynamic QR' to implement QR code payment. I set redirectUrl including 'success','failure','cancel' with some url parameters. Would like to check with the flow: 1. The website retrieves Maya QR code url from endpoint 'Create Dynamic QR', and redirect User to the QR code url. 2. User opens Maya app with mobile, then scans the QR code. 3. If User pays successfully, in mobile it will redirect to the 'success' url of 'redirectUrl' I set before, same as 'failure' and 'cancel' scenarios. Is that correct? And what happens if I leave 'redirectUrl' empty? Best Regards, Una

What are the refund and cancel expiry times for PayMaya QR Transactions?

Based on https://developers.paymaya.com/docs/voids-and-refund, you can refund a QR transaction on or before 180 days. For cancelling a QR transaction, I'm not sure the exact timespan you can cancel. Can you verify the timespans for refunding and cancelling a QR transaction? Thanks

Invalid Key Scope error

curl --request POST \ --url https://pg-sandbox.paymaya.com/payby/v2/paymaya/payments \ --header 'Accept: application/json' \ --header 'Authorization: Basic cGstbE5BVWsxams3VlBuZjdrb09UMXVvR0pvWkpqbUF4cmJqcGo2dXJCOEVJQTo=' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --data ' { "totalAmount": { "value": 111, "currency": "PHP" }, "redirectUrl": { "success": "1.com", "failure": "22.com", "cancel": "3.com" }, "requestReferenceNumber": "12412451351" } ' why when i test this using sandbox key it always throw error : {"error":"Invalid key scope. Please check the provided key's scopes.","code":"K007","reference":"db198b36-1cc2-465d-9ff2-218730509740"} is there something wrong with my request? Thanks

What are the possible values of "status" field of Refund Payment via ID API?

So far what I'm seeing is "SUCCESS" value Reference: https://developers.paymaya.com/reference/refundv1paymentviaid-2

Can you only void a QR transaction if its status is PAYMENT_SUCCESS?

I'm using "Wallet Payment - Create Single Payment" API to create a QR Transaction. I tried to void a PENDING_TOKEN transaction, but it says that "Payment is not available for void." What are the conditions that must be met before you can void a QR transaction?