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error code: K007

hello ,when I use public_key to test create checkout: curl --request POST \ --url \ --header 'accept: application/json' \ --header 'authorization: Basic cGstRlpYSnFnYVpmNFBRZjJ2OWlJMDRkUk9sM2xPMmlVQ1hUeGlpS2M3aVFNRzo=' \ --header 'content-type: application/json' \ --data ' { "totalAmount": { "value": 1000, "currency": "PHP" }, "requestReferenceNumber": "5fc10b93-bdbd-4f31-b31d-4575a3785009" } ' response: {"error":"Invalid key scope. Please check the provided key's scopes.","code":"K007","reference":"01d76364-d04d-48ad-9106-1b8cb6020350"}

Voiding a successful payment transaction via API

Hello Maya Team, Hope all is well! I just wanted to clarify which endpoint do I hit to void a successful payment transaction. Is it the POST request to cancel payment endpoint '{paymentId}/cancel'? Thank you. Best, Erwin

Does Maya business webflow integration?

Does Maya business webflow integration?

MWP016 Payment Vault Error

MWP016 Payment Vault Error What do we do if we received this kind of error? Account was deducted even if the transaction was marked as "Payment Failed" Will the amount deducted on account reverts back automatically? For How long? Thanks


Hello I'm trying to find where to get the API key but I can't find it here:, do I need to register a manager account in order to generate the API key? If yes, where can I register I cant find it. Thank you

Hiw can i received the funds if not yet received

How can i received the funds to me they send me funds via gcash

I'm trying to integrate PayMaya checkout on our app built on React Native in iOS.

We can't seem to figure out which one is the right SDK to use. We tried the one in github repo `paymaya-js-sdk` and `paymaya-node-sdk` and not sure if we want to try out the iOS SDK since we're running React Native. I hope you can give us some info on how to best approach this. Thanks!

What does error "[PY0017] Merchant not found" mean?

When [Creating a Card of Customer](, it returns a `verificationUrl` in the response body. When accessing the`verificationUrl` on the browser, the expected behavior is that it should successfully trigger a PHP 10.00 Test Charge to the card information stored on the linked Payment Token. After entering the correct OTP in the `verificationUrl`, it always redirects to a "*Payment Failed. There was an error processing your payment. Please try again*" screen. When [Retrieving the Payment via the Transaction No.]( displayed on the same Payment Failed screen, it returns: { "errorCode": "PY0017", "errorMessage": "[PY0017] Merchant not found." } What does error "**[PY0017] Merchant not found**" mean?

aquirer decline due to high rish

im did cash in using my creditcard per your agent error is decline due to high risk pls resolve

Transfer and Accepting Funds

Hi, Do I need a maya wallet if I need to do a transfer ? Then If I need to accept a payment where the funds will go ? is it in the maya wallet ?