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Minimum amount accepted in maya-checkout production?

What is the minimum amount that can be accepted in maya-checkout production?

Maya ewallet not showing in Maya checkout sandbox

I have followed the guide for setting up the checkout api and the card payment option is working as expected. However I noticed that from the demo website of checkout api that there exist a maya e-wallet option at the top as well. How do I enable this in sandbox?

Not authorized to view keys

trying to view my keys. but it says "Not authorized to view keys". why?

Set Customozation

I want to use the customization api, however when i try it return Invalid key scope. Please check the provided key's scopes.

Ability to cancel a created checkout

Hello, In our platform we hold the goods for 10 Min, after that we cancel the checkout from our end. Now I know that the checkout link expires in 1 hour, Is there an API to cancel or expire already created checkout in maya hosted chekcout integration after 10 min or to change the expire time of a checkout?

Get Receipt Number from (GET) https://{{HostURL}}/invoice/v2/invoices/xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx

Hi, I need to get Receipt No. from the Paid Invoice.. but i cannot find the Receipt.. ex. "receipt": { "transactionId": "xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx", "receiptNo": "xxxxxxxxx", "approval_code": "xxxxxx", "approvalCode": "xxxxx" }, thanks,

webhook reTrigger via API call

webhook reTrigger via API call

Maya Terminal Settlement

Is it Maya Fake Advertisement of after triggering settlement in terminal and within 24 hours that should be in bank? why is it over 6 days now and still not getting the settlement? I think BDO is better if this is a Maya

ECR Kit and Terminal

How much does this 2 cost?

PayMaya Manager 1.0

Can the Legacy 1.0 generate payment link?