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Minimum amount for P3 Sale/Purchase API

What's the minimum amount for [P3 Sale/Purchase API](https://cdn.paymaya.com/sandbox/payments_api/paymayap3/paymayap3.html#web-apis-authorizations-and-payments-post)? It's the `transaction.amount.total.value` Thanks

How to apply to use Gcash as one of payment method

How can I apply to get Gcash available in my checkout?

crediting for the settlement proceeds for transactions made on Jul 29 to 31, 2022

last Aug 2, we received an email advising us on the delay of the crediting of our settlement proceeds for transactions made on July 29 to 31, 2022 until now we have not receive the said settlement , kindly check the status of this delay.

Maya Account Balance

Is there an API for retrieving a Maya Account's Balance?

Void Transaction

How to void or refund a transaction? On the merchant dashboard on the transaction summary, the void option on the action column is not showing.

Void Transacations

Hello. Would like tp know how to void a transaction on the dashboard? On the transaction summary and the action part - there is Void option is not showing.

reverse settlement

Hi, can we reverse credit card transaction even though it is already settled by the bank? If so, what is the process?

Transactions from July 29-31, 2022 were not yet credited to our account.

Good day Sir/Ma'am, This is the second time that we didn't receive our cc and debit card transactions in our accounts.

Checkout Payment Failed

I tried ALL the test card but nothing is working. One thing that I noticed from your checkout page is that this endpoint always fail with 400 bad request. This something that your developers should look into. POST https://payments-web-sandbox.paymaya.com/v2/payments/auth {checkoutId: "<some-generated-id>:"}

Meaning of this Error code "[PY0101] Acquirer decline due to high risk."

Noticed that all our recent credit or debit card payments have this error code when trying to pay using paymaya check out