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How to disable Shipping information in Paymaya checkout?

In our production stage we can see there are four stages: Personal, Shipping & Billing, Card and Review. We want it like in sandbox that you only need to fill in the card information.

All transactions was settled Zero

What is the possible reasons why upon settlement all transactions had become zero amount?

Shopify Checkout Customization

Can someone help me to customize my Maya checkout page with Shopify? During Shopify checkout, details like Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, and Email address were being asked. Then, when clicking "Pay now", those details plus birthday need to be filled out again. How can we streamline this process?

about paymaya account

can u help me may paymaya account error login

We have received messages from our customer that payments failed? Can you help us with this one

We have received messages from our customer that payments failed? Can you help us with this one

About Order QR Code Payment

Dear Friends from Maya, I am a developer from AlipayPlus. I may want to know if Maya could support an order-code payment mechanism like the below diagram tells. The reason to ask this question is that we could only identify payment user and facilitate the marketing feature by this way. [block:image] { "images": [ { "image": [ "", null, null ], "align": "center", "border": true } ] } [/block] Many thanks for your time and look forward to your kindly reply~

Invoice Payment, is there a method to set an expiry datetime for the generated link?

as per the title, the requirement is to have an expiry date for the Invoice payment. in the FAQ, i noticed it will be a long lived link, being said will there be a work around ?

Reprint last settlement report

How to reprint last settlement report?

Gcash QR code not showing.

When selecting Gcash as a mode of payment, No QR code is being given / Showing, unlike other payment methods (Ewallet). The page just seems to refresh.

Unused/Expired Checkout in Maya Checkout

This is a reply to your response on my previous question. I can't add a comment so I made a separate question: I am referring to the payment transaction requested using Maya Checkout. When it expires without being used by customer (example instance is if we request checkout for a customer but the customer fails to proceed with payment before the payment/checkout transaction expires), is the expired payment/checkout transaction automatically cleaned of the record or are there steps we need to take to resolve them?