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Offer your customers to pay their online purchases using payment cards or e-wallets

Maya Checkout simplifies the checkout process while providing a secure digital payment experience to your customers.

Please note that 3DS authentication will be applied depending on card's issuing bank

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Key Features

Checkout options

Card Acceptance

Build your card payment form or use Maya Checkout Page to accept debit and credit cards. Learn more →

e-Wallets and QR Codes

Expand your reach by enabling QRPh and allow acceptance of e-wallets with Maya Checkout. Learn more →

⚠️ Pre-auth and capture can be configured to merchant accounts (or MIDs) with Card Payment Acceptance only. When you opt to accept both card and e-wallet payments, we recommend to request a separate MID for Card Payment Acceptance to enable pre-auth and capture feature.

You may send your request to [email protected] or contact your Maya Relations Manager.

Start accepting payments with Maya Checkout

Maya Checkout API

See how to use and implement Maya Checkout API to your system. Learn how →

We require using Webhooks (also called a web callback), to allow Maya to send payment-related information or events, letting your application know an event has happened. More details →

Available SDKs

You can also accept payments in your UI by using Maya’s SDKs:

Mobile SDKs:

Already integrated with an eCommerce Platform?

Use our plugins on these eCommerce Platforms for a no code integration with the Maya’s checkout.

A suite of services including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools. Maya Plugin on Shopify will enable Maya’s checkout on your website. See full guide here.

An open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Use Maya Business Plugin and give your customers a better online checkout experience. See full guide here.

An open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. With Maya Business Plugin, enable Maya’s checkout on your website. See full guide here.

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