Maya API Products

Maya Checkout

Maya Checkout simplifies the online checkout experience by providing multiple payment options and secure digital payments to your customers.

Pay with Maya

Redirect your customers to a Maya payment and/or QR page to pay using their Maya wallet.

Maya Vault

Maya Vault securely stores your customers' payment information, offering effortless repeated and future payments for your customers.

Payment Links

Share a link through any messaging app to direct customers to Maya’s payment page to pay.

Email Invoice

By using Maya Manager 1.0, send out invoices to your customers via email.

Maya Plugins

Use Maya Plugins Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento 2 for a no-code integration with Maya’s checkout.

Maya Terminals

An industry-compliant payment platform offering a secure cashless environment for merchants and customers.

Payments Processing Platform

Access Maya’s entire acquiring suite of features - products that are designed to work together, that would help enable you to accept payments.

Maya Mini Apps

Connect your business to Maya Consumer App and provide its fast-growing consumer base with your services, with seamless access and hassle-free financial transactions.

Bills Payment

Accept cashless bill payments from your customers and subscribers directly from the Maya Business (Negosyo) and Maya Apps.

Add Money using Cash-In Code

Enables consumers to do a secure cash-in transaction using a cash-in code generated from the Maya App.

Disbursement API

Streamline your disbursement process with good internal controls to efficiently and securely handle your disbursements.

Fund a Maya Wallet

Helps your customer to transfer their funds from your application onto their Maya wallet.

Remittance to Maya Wallet

Empower remittance service providers to enable direct money transfers to the beneficiary’s Maya wallet.