Learn about using plugins to power up your Shopify website.

Shopify offers online retailers a suite of services including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools.

With Maya Business' Checkout-Shopify plugin , your website can accept secure payments using Mastercard, Visa, e-wallets and more.

Step-by-step guide

1 Review the Online Payment Quick Start Guides

Understand the pre-requisites for incorporating the Maya Online Payment solution, starting from setting up your Maya Business Manager, all the way to deploying your platform in a live Production environment.

2 Install and configure Maya Business Plugin in Shopify

2.1 Installing Maya Business Plugin

  1. Go to the Shopify - Maya Checkout and click Add app.
Maya Business Plugin - Shopify page

Maya Business Plugin - Shopify page

  1. Click Install App

2.2 Configuring Maya Business Plugin to accept payments

  1. For instructions on how to obtain and create the API Keys and Shopify Token for your plugin dashboard, refer to the step 2 Generate API Keys section within the Online Payment Quick Start Guide . This section provides guidance on the key generation process.
Are you using the Maya Manager 1.0?

For instructions on generating API keys tailored to a specific environment, refer to the 3 Generate API Keys section within the Online Payment Quick Start Guide for Maya Manager 1.0.

To acquire the Shopify Token, navigate to the API Keys Tab and select "Generate Shopify Token."

⚠️ It's important to note that this will be the only instance when the token is visibly displayed; subsequent views will only show masked values.

For Manager 1.0

For Manager 1.0

  1. Enter the necessary keys during the installation of the Maya Business Plugin. Provide the Public API Key, Shopify Token, and Website URL, then proceed by clicking the "Continue" button.
  1. Examine your installation thoroughly. Within the Shopify dashboard, the Payments section will confirm your complete integration with the "Credit/Debit Cards and e-Wallets" plugin.

    Ensure that you tick the relevant payment methods (such as Visa, Mastercard, and others) if they are applicable.

To ensure that the configuration was a success, login to your Maya Manager 1.0 Production. Go to Webhooks, and select the Shopify merchant.

You should find the Webhook URLs from your Shopify plugin successfully saved on Maya Manager 1.0.

  1. Click Activate Pay via Credit/Debit Card & PayMaya Wallet V2

⚠️ Disable Test Mode

Make sure that “Enable test mode” is NOT checked.

2.4 Configuring Shopify's Checkout

For merchants with Fraud Protection enabled, make sure that Email is used for checking out, and both first name and last name are required. To achieve this, access the checkout section and implement the necessary modifications.

2.5 Live Testing

At this point, you should have done the following:

  1. Generated Sandbox API Keys and Shopify Token
  2. You should have add products in your Shopify store.
  3. Saved the latest settings.

At this stage, when you checkout products from your store and proceed to payment, you should now be redirected to a live Maya Checkout page.

  1. Click the checkout button.
  2. You are redirected to Maya Checkout Page.
Sample Maya Checkout page

Sample Maya Checkout page

ℹ️ If you wish to test live transactions in Production, you will need to use real cards and e-wallet accounts. Transactions performed will incur real charges.

Advance Use Cases

Configure Manual Payment Capture

ℹ️ This is applicable for Card Payments only, particularly for merchants who have enabled Auth and Capture within their Maya Checkout.

Return to the Settings Page of Shopify, then proceed to the Payments section. Ensure that the Payment Capture is configured in alignment with the Auth and Capture setting in your Maya Manager.

  • If your Maya Manager's Auth and Capture settings is off, your Payment capture setting in Shopify should only be Automatic.
  • If your Maya Manager's Auth and Capture settings is on, your Payment capture setting in Shopify can either be Automatic or Manual. Manual Payment capture will mean extra steps on your Shopify before finalizing the transaction.


  • If a customer is experiencing payment issues due to insufficient funds or transactions that have expired on any payment options, Shopify recommends asking them to refresh their cart before trying to transact again.