Check Digit Validation

What the Biller CDV Integration does for you?

Maya offers multiple Bills payment integration opportunities. With the Check Digit Validation, without the hassle of API development and integration; just provide your check digit algorithm during the onboarding process, and Maya will handle the transaction and have the algorithm to validate the account number.

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Integration DevelopmentNo development needed, just provide your check digit algorithm during the onboarding process. Check Digit is the computation of the Biller Merchant, to judge if an account number is valid or not.

Examples of algorithms can be:

- Modulo-11 weighted check digit calculation
- Account Pattern
Transaction ValidationThe scope of validation is only at the inputted account number by the customer. Maya will check the account number, in relation to the Check Digit Algorithm provided.
Transaction PostingAs long as the account number passes the algorithm, the transaction will be successful and amount will be debited from the customer Maya wallet.
Transaction Settlement and ReportsDownload the settlement reports from the Maya Business Manager, receive the Daily Transaction Report (aka Daily Extract Report) via email, and use these for reconciliation with your other reports.

⚠️ If account numbers are random, does not have a pattern, and/or you only have a list of valid accounts, then Maya’s Bills Payment integration via Check Digit is NOT Possible. For other integration options, refer here.

How Maya Bills Payments are Processed

Step 1: Customer to input details in Maya Consumer / Negosyo App

Refer to Maya's Bills payment customer journey. From the Maya Consumer or Negosyo App, the customer chooses your Biller tile and inputs the transaction details.

ℹ️ Check Digit algorithm is provided by the Partner Biller during the onboarding stage of the project.

Step 2: Account Validation via Check Digit

Maya’s Biller API will use the Check Digit Algorithm to validate correctness of the account number. Transaction is considered successful and posted when it passes the algorithm.

Example of Check Digit Validation (Account Pattern):

  • Six (6) Digit input
  • Auto increment, starting input 000001
  • Input cannot be 000000
  • One, tens, hundreds digit can be 0-9
  • Thousands digit can be 0-3
  • No alphabet input, just numeral
  • As of now, input must start at 00NNNN

⚠️ This is just an example of an Account Pattern. It varies per Partner Biller and will depend on the onboarding requirements for the account validation.

Step 3: Transaction Fulfilled

The user’s balance will be deducted and they will receive a confirmation receipt. The Partner Biller will receive the end-of-day transaction Settlement Report via the Maya Manager.

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Generate Reports

Maya Settlement Reports

View daily settlement reports via Maya Manager, which covers all previous day successful purchase transactions and refunds. The fees, either Service Fee or Convenience Fee, are also indicated in generated report, and is deducted/added accordingly to compute total settlement amount.

ℹ️ Not yet familiar how to download reports? Learn more

Daily Transaction Report

The Daily Transaction Report or Daily Extract Report includes previous day transactions and all custom fields onboarded for the biller.

ℹ️ During onboarding, indicate preferred transmission channel and daily schedule.