Maya Card Payment Vault

Maya Card Payment Vault provides merchant partners the ability to tokenize the consumer payment credentials, replacing it with unique token which can be used for one-time or scheduled payments, or automated customer payments.

Go to our demo website (beta version) and see how Vault works.

Customer Journey

Key Features

How Maya Vault works?

Use the generated unique token depending on your target user journey within your application or website.

Vaulted Cards for On-Demand Payments ⭐️

Recommended by most of Maya’s Partners! Store your customer’s payment credentials securely in Maya Card Payment Vault and use the unique token in making payments at your own scheduling.

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Secure Card Tokenization for One-time Card Payment

A secure way on handling card information by using unique card token in making a single payment.

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Available SDKs

You can also accept payments in your UI by using Maya’s SDKs:

Mobile SDKs:

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