Quick Start Guide


  1. Integration Requirements

ℹ️ Contact your Maya Relationship Manager to acquire the complete list of required documents and forms.


ℹ️ Pre-requisite: You have been onboarded to Maya business via your Relationship Manager

Submit the following to your Maya Relationship Manager:

  1. Business Requirements
  2. Preferred Merchant Alias (for Payment Link ONLY)


Check out the references provided:

  1. Solution Kits, including:
    • API specification
    • API requirement
    • Sample codes (i.e. Applying keys and decrypting data, etc.)
    • Tutorial
    • FAQs
  2. Supporting articles
  3. Technical Overview / Walkthrough

Create and Integrate (Optional)

  1. Set up your Maya Business Manager account.
  2. Understand the environments and generate your keys. You may refer here.
  3. Start your testing in Sandbox.

ℹ️ This step is applicable for those who will use the APIs for invoice and/or Maya Payment Links.

Go Live

It's now time to move to Production.

  1. Set up your Maya Business Manager account.
  2. Receive the Maya Payment URL (ONLY for Payment Link Onboarding).

🔔 For those who opted for APIs of Invoice and/or Maya Payment Link and tested in Sandbox, a different access will be provided for Production Maya Manager.