Terminal Settlement Concerns

Settlement Inquiry

Terminal Model: Sunmi PAX PAX Lite

Check if a transaction was successful through the settlement reports in your Maya Business Manager .

Please do note that reports are updated the day after the transaction.

Settlement Report

Terminal Model: Sunmi PAX PAX Lite

  1. Settlement Reports are available in Maya Business Manager.
  2. Select a Merchant ID (MID) from the dropdown menu and change the date range to view the settled transactions per day.

Manual Capture

Terminal Model: Sunmi PAX PAX Lite

  • Settle transactions in the Maya Terminal device daily. Unsettled transactions have 144 hours (6 days) from the time of transaction authorization to be settled in the Maya Terminal, otherwise, these will expire and become invalid for settlement
  • The 6-day period is a rule of the card schemes that Maya needs to adhere to.

Contact Maya Business Support

  • If your Maya Terminal device is defective, request for a replacement.
  • If your Maya Business Terminal device has transactions pending for refund, email your merchant ID (MID) to request manual capture.

No settlement credit as claimed by the merchant

Terminal Model: Sunmi PAX PAX Lite

  • Proceeds are credited to the merchant’s bank account the next banking day in LUMPSUM.
  • There are no settlements on weekends and holidays.
  • The merchant may check the breakdown by tallying settlement reports that can be downloaded in your Maya Business Manager.

Supply of thermal rolls

Terminal Model: Sunmi PAX PAX Lite

Request for thermal rolls and other supplies through your Maya Business Manager . File a ticket in the Contact Support section with the following details:

  • Merchant ID (MID)
  • Maya Terminal device ID
  • Branch
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Number

If your location is within Metro Manila, expect your supplies to be delivered within 3 business days. In provincial areas, within 7 business days.