Voids and Refunds

Transactions created can be voided or refunded following certain conditions.


Transactions can be voided on the same day before 12am (GMT+8) cutoff of the transaction date.


Transaction date: January 6, 2022 9am GMT+8
Can be voided until January 6, 2022 11:59pm GMT+8


Transactions can be refunded at the start of the next day after 12am GMT+8 of the transaction date.


Transaction date: January 6, 2022 9am GMT+8
Can be refunded starting January 7, 2022 12am GMT+8 up to 180 days.

📝 Refund processing via Maya Payment Gateway API is real-time. However, actual reflection of the refunded amount will depend on the issuing bank or e-wallet.

  • For Credit Card, your refund will only appear on your account within the next 7-14 working days but you will only see this on your next Billing Statement from the bank or in the month after (depending on your billing cycle).
  • For Debit Card reversals, please take note that it will take 30-45 days to reflect in your account. Please contact your bank or payment provider directly should you have any further issues with your refund.
  • For Maya e-wallet, crediting is real-time. For other e-wallet accounts (GCash, ShopeePay, Alipay, and WeChat), your refund will appear 3-5 business days after your provider process for crediting in your account.
  • For transactions paid using Maya Credit, amount inclusive of fees and DST will be credited to customers' Maya Wallet within 10 business days whether loan repayment has been done or not. The amount credited to Maya Wallet is expected to be used to repay the outstanding amount due from Maya Credit so customer can recover their credit limit.
  • For QR PH transactions, you may contact our Business Support at [email protected] for manual refunds processing. Processing will take 3-5 business days.

If you have errors in processing refunds, you may contact our Business Support at [email protected]

You may still process refunds if the transactions are within 180 days from the transaction date. Transactions beyond 180 days but are within 1 year can be processed manually. Your authorized representative may request for a manual refund processing through our Merchant Aftersales Team.

Managing voids and refunds on Maya Plugins

Merchants using Shopify and WooCommerce

Void/Refund should be performed in the plugin’s dashboard. This is to ensure the changes from the plugin (i.e. Shopify or WooCommerce) will sync to the merchant’s Maya Manager Dashboard.

Merchants using Magento

This feature is not yet supported in Maya's Magento plugin. Void/Refund should be done inside of Maya Manager Dashboard. Maya Manager does not communicate with merchant’s Magento dashboard on this action, it is recommended that merchant will need to manually reconcile on their end.