Direct integration

Make the most of full website integration with Maya Business for even easier payments​

Payment Methods

Your merchant account will be configured with different payment methods when you use Checkout. The available payment methods are below:

  • One-time payment using Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card Payments
  • Pay with Maya (Via QR or Login)
  • QRPH
  • GCash
  • WeChat
  • Plugins: Shopify, Magento 2, WooCommerce
  • Payment Links
  • Invoice Payments
  • ShopeePay
  • Coming soon Alipay
  • Coming soon Alternative payment methods (Bank Pulls)
  • Coming soon GrabPay

Contact your account manager in order to activate the payment method of your choice.

Initiating the payment

When the customer is done with adding items to their cart or basket, your application must build the required JSON body.

The JSON inputs are below:



totalAmount (object)

An object that contains the value and currency

requiredReferenceNumber (string)

The reference number that will be generated from the merchant's side. It is recommended to use unique id generator such as uuid

redirectUrl (object)

An object that contains where Maya will redirect to after a successful payment. The fields supported are success, failure, cancel.

buyer (object)

Contains the buyer details. This is optional by default and will use the Basic Buyer format. However this is required for merchants who are Kount-enabled.

Review the Kount Buyer fields for the required fields if you are Kount enabled

items (array)

An array of the objects. Each object contains the information that a customer will pay for.

metadata (object)

Optional. Used to provide additional data to the transaction such a payment faciliator information. Contact your account manager to know more about and if you are required to fill-in the object

authorizationType (string)

Optional. Used for Manual Capture. The accepted values are: NORMAL, FINAL, PREAUTHORIZATION

Sending the payment body

Once you have the payment body set up, your application will then pass it as a JSON body to Create Checkout endpoint. Once successful, it will respond with a redirectUrl that your application will redirect to.


Using Mastercard/Visa cards on Checkout

Authentication for Card payments is done via 3D Secure. Webpages that your customer is redirected to belong to the card issuer. Authentication challenges may vary.


Using Maya e-wallet on Checkout

Authentication for Pay With Maya is done via the Maya login page and One-time PIN challenge.​

Sequence Diagram of CheckoutSequence Diagram of Checkout

Sequence Diagram of Checkout

Maya Business Hosted Checkout

The redirectUrl that was returned by Create Checkout is a Maya Business hosted page. Your application will need to execute a redirection in order for the customer to proceed with the payment via credit card or e-wallet

Once the customer has successfully completed the payment, the Maya page will automatically redirect back (after 10s) to your application via the redirectUrl that was passed during the payment initiation above.

Payment Status Flow for CheckoutPayment Status Flow for Checkout

Payment Status Flow for Checkout

Managing real-time payment information.

The redirection after a successful payment does not guarantee that the payment information will be updated. Your application should manage payment information updates by implementing webhooks.

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