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Maya Manager has two environments:
Sandbox and Production.

Sandbox is used for development, testing, and integration. Once the integration is completed in this environment, it will be verified by our Merchant Services team. Only then will production credentials be provided.

Production is for live payments. Testing in this environment will incur real charges.

Obtaining your API Key

Both sandbox and live environments have the ability to generate API keys. Once your account is onboarded to a sandbox account, you need to log in to the manager account of your respective environment.

Once logged in, go to the menu on the left side of the screen and look for  API Keys.

On the main navigation, select the name of the Merchant that you registered earlier. Then generate the API key by clicking Generate API Key.

You’ll be redirected to another screen where you will create keys for both Public and Secret policies.

After clicking Create, your API key will be shown to you.

The same flow will be used when generating keys on to your production environment.


Save your API key in a secured location

The full API key will only be shown once. It is important that you store it in a secure location. If you lost your API key, you are able to generate it again.

Development using sandbox

You can start the development after the API key in the sandbox environment is generated. Check our API documentation on how you can authenticate your application and start using our APIs.

You can also try out our sandbox environment without creating an account by using our publicly available Sandbox Credentials and Cards

How to authenticate with our API

Authentication is done via HTTP Basic Authentication. Depending on the API endpoint, the public or secret key must be provided as the username and the password left as blank.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Combine Username and Password (left blank) separated by ‘:’ (colon). If your API key is “pk-Z0OSzLvIcOI2UIvDhdTGVVfRSSeiGStnceqwUE7n0Ah”, the resulting string is:
  1. Apply Base64 encoding to the resulting string from Step 1. Using the resulting string from Step 1, the Base64 encoded string will be:
  1. Indicate the authorization method i.e. “Basic” followed by a space then the Base64 encoded string in Step 2. An example is shown below.
Authorization: Basic cGstWjBPU3pMdkljT0kyVUl2RGhkVEdWVmZSU1NlaUdTdG5jZXF3VUU3bjBBaDo=

(see HTTP Basic Auth)

Go Live

Live deployment will happen once your team is finished with development and quality checks using your own sandbox credentials. You can then contact your assigned account manager to activate your live manager portal and generate your live API keys.


In order to gain approval for live manager portal, integration will need to be validated by the Maya Fulfillment Online Team.

For Checkout/website integration, you will need to do the following test transactions in Sandbox below or follow the email sent by the Maya Fulfillment Online Team.

  1. Generate your API Keys via Maya Manager Sandbox. Please note that the keys will be exposed only once. Please copy them immediately and save them securely. Once you exit, only the masked values will be reflected.

  2. Register your Webhooks via Maya Manager. To proceed, check for a “200 OK” response by going to the Settings tab.

  3. For Checkout: After integration, complete test transactions for Visa, Mastercard, and JCB using our List of mock test cards. Use test cards tagged as “Success” under the Payment column. To proceed, you need 1 successful transaction per test card.


Live Testing

It is highly recommended to do a live test using your live API keys. This ensures your application has switched from sandbox to live.

Do note that testing in the live environment will incur real charges.

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