Money Movement

Money Movement helps businesses to design a secure and convenient way of digital fund transfers onto Maya wallet for today’s unique audiences.

Consumer Journey

A better way to move money with Maya

How it works

By integrating with Maya, you are enabling your consumers to enjoy the full potential of digital and online banking.

We provide and enable solutions

Money Movement provides solutions that fits to your business use case.

Fund a Maya Wallet

Helps you provide a secure way of transferring funds from your application onto consumer’s Maya wallet.

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Add money using Cash In Code

Enable you to fulfill your customer’s add money request by processing their Maya app-generated cash in code or bar code.

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We deliver daily report

Regardless of what solution you are availing, you can leverage Money Movement’s daily transaction report or MDTR. Learn more.

Become a partner

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Need support?

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us via our Support page.


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