Quick Start Guide

Accomplish these requirements to become an app within Maya


Acquire the following documents or information from Maya:

  1. Onboarding form and checklist
  2. Vendor Security Questionnaire
  3. List of Maya IPs that needs to be whitelisted

📝 For Payment Onboarding requirements, kindly contact your Maya Relationship Manager.


Submit the following to your Maya account manager:

  1. Accomplished Onboarding form and checklist.
  2. Accomplished Vendor Security Questionnaire.

🔔 Review and approval of Vendor Security Questionnaire (VSQ) is mandatory for Production Go-live.

  1. Your Public GPG Key. Don't have GPG keys yet? Learn how.
  2. Icon in PNG or JPG/JPEG format


🔒 Solution Kits requires permission to view the complete content. To gain access to these Kits, you will need to provide the list of IPs on the Onboarding form and checklist for whitelisting.

Check out the references provided:

  1. Solution Kits, including:
    • API specification
    • API requirement
    • Sample codes (i.e. Applying keys and decrypting data)
    • Tutorial
    • FAQs
  2. Supporting articles
  3. Technical Overview / Walkthrough


Receive the credentials and API keys from Maya:
Credentials and keys will be received via an encrypted email. You should be able to decrypt it using your public and private GPG keys. Learn how

Create the following endpoints in preparation to the integration activity:

  1. Session init URL
  2. Landing page


Perform integration testing:

  1. Make sure that Maya IPs are whitelisted
  2. Use Sandbox credentials and API keys acquired provided by Maya.

Go Live

After testing the integration in our sandbox environment, it is time to move to Production.

🔔 New credentials and keys will be provided for Production.
It will be received via an encrypted email from Maya. You may decrypt it using your public/private GPG keys. Learn how