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The country has recently seen the steady growth of digital wallet usage alongside the increasing use of online payment gateways and prevalence of cashless transactions. But modernization without accessibility is meaningless. This has been the goal of Maya: innovation and inclusion. With Maya, Filipinos everywhere will be able to access digital financial solutions and go cashless. From easy and hassle-free wallet creation to seamless digital transactions, Maya strives to make every user experience better.

However, the most important feature of a digital wallet is its ability to facilitate the movement of funds. Adding money to the wallet is the key enabler of the entire business and the whole Maya ecosystem. Each transaction begins and ends with the customer’s available balance. There are several ways to cash in to the Maya wallet. Customers can either cash in through disbursements, promos, peer-to-peer transfers, loans, and settlements. They can directly pull funds from their online bank accounts or their debit and credit cards, and they can also choose to involve external partners such as 7-Eleven and Ministop or payment kiosks such as Pay&Go and TouchPay. The process of cashing in to the wallet through different partners, either financial institutions or brick-and-mortar stores, is made possible by the connection to Maya through available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

This reference page intends to guide potential partners on the requirements and operations related to hosting Cash In requests. It describes the API connection and relationship between Maya and partner’s processing system and the movement of funds from the latter to the former. This page should allow partners to understand the onboarding process, the API access, and the transaction requirements for customers to be able to cash in to their digital wallet.


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Definition of Terms




The intended audience of this document. Partners are usually the entities that wish to integrate with Maya as a channel for customers to cash in to their account.


The owner of the Maya account where the funds will be transferred to. Within this document, the customer can alternatively be referred to as the recipient.


In many cases, transactions in Maya are treated as a form of transfer. In the case of cashing in, funds are being transfered to the recipient from the partner’s account. The partner’s account may or may not be funded.

If the partner’s account is funded, then they can only add as much funds to customers as their funds would allow. If the partner account is not funded, an invoice will be sent to the partner which needs to be settled.

Mother Account

In the case that a partner’s account is funded, their account which holds their consumable balance may be referred to as the mother account. Balances of mother accounts can be checked via the Balance Inquiry API.


Note: Settlements are not within the scope of this document

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