Quick Start Guide


ℹ️ Contact your Maya Relationship Manager to acquire the complete list of required documents and forms.


ℹ️ Pre-requisite: You have been onboarded to Maya business via your Relationship Manager

Submit the following to your Maya Relationship Manager:

  1. Accomplished Vendor Security Questionnaire (when required).
  2. Your Public GPG Key. Don't have GPG keys yet? Learn how.
  3. Email address of the nominated recipient of the API Keys.
  4. Email address of the nominated recipient of the MDTR.
  5. Client Name (to appear in the Transaction Receipt or Maya’s Activity List and SMS or push notifications).
  6. Redirect URL in Sandbox and Production (required for Transfer Funds to Maya solution only).
  7. Brand Logos (required for Add Money using Cash In Code solution only).
  8. Maximum and Minimum Amount
  9. UX, Consumer Journey or high level data flow (that would help us understand how your system works). See sample below:


Check out the references provided:

  1. Solution Kits, including:
    • API specification
    • API requirement
    • FAQs
  2. Supporting articles
  3. Technical Overview / Walkthrough


Receive the credentials and API keys from Maya:
Credentials and keys will be received via an encrypted email. You should be able to decrypt it using your public and private GPG keys. Learn how


Perform integration testing:

  1. Use the acquired Sandbox credentials and API keys from Maya.

Perform user acceptance testing:

  1. UAT Test Cases will be provided during onboarding to guide you on your UAT activities.
  2. Once all test cases are accounted for, you may notify your Maya Relations Manager to proceed with the production Go Live.

ℹ️ For any concerns or issues arises at this stage, do not hesitate to contact our Developer Relations at [email protected] for support.

Go Live

After testing the integration in our sandbox environment, it is time to move to Production.

🔔 New credentials and keys will be provided for Production.
It will be received via an encrypted email from Maya. You may decrypt it using your public/private GPG keys. Learn how