Migrate to a new Maya plugin on Shopify

This plugin is an extension that allows a Shopify store to have access to Maya Checkout, a payment gateway that accepts payments from credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets. An update was released on April 22, 2022 which is mandatory as the old plugin version will be disabled by June 30, 2022.

️ Deadline of Migration

The older version of the Maya plugin will be disabled on June 30, 2022. Shopify stores who are unable to migrate before that date will experience checkout and payment problems on their site.

What's New?

This new version introduces a new interface for putting in the API key, the Shopify token, and the website URL for the Shopify store.

Migration Steps



Maya recommends to do the Shopify plugin migration during off-peak or low traffic hours to prevent user disruption.

If the Shopify store is using the old plugin, there is a need to uninstall it first. Please see the suggested steps to be done during the off-peak hours of the store to prevent any issues:

  1. Log-in to the Maya Business Manager portal with your given credentials.

  1. Generate a new Shopify Token and an API key. You may reuse your old keys if you still have them on record.


Masked vs Unmasked Key

Full unmasked keys are shown only once during creation.

Masked Key: pk-masked*******

Unmasked Key: pk-unmaskedkey123

For Manager 1.0 users

For Manager 1.0 users

For Manager 2.0 users

For Manager 2.0 users

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard, then go to the Third-Party payment providers list from the Payments Settings page. Find the old plugin Pay via Credit/Debit Card & PayMaya Wallet .

  1. Scroll down and click Deactivate

  1. Go to <<https://apps.shopify.com/maya-checkout>> and click Add app.

  1. Click "Install App"

  1. Input your Shopify Token, Public Key from Step 2, and your website URL.

  1. Click “Activate” (Make sure that “Enable test mode” is NOT checked).

  1. On the Shopify dashboard, the Payments section will also show that you are fully connected to "Credit/Debit Cards and e-Wallets" plugin.

  1. Back on Shopify's Settings Page, navigate to "Payments". Make sure the "Payment Capture" is set to "Automatic"

  1. For Kount merchants, navigate to "Checkout". Make sure that "Email" is used for checking out, and both "first name" and "last name" are required.


  • If a customer is experiencing payment issues due to insufficient funds or transactions that have expired on any payment options, Shopify recommends asking them to refresh their cart before trying to transact again.

What’s Next