How to Try Our Online Payment Endpoints

Maya Business' Payment Solutions enables the millions of businesses and individuals of all sizes to participate in our Inclusive Digital Economy .

Obtaining an API key

Merchants can easily obtain an API key by signing-up their business and having granted access to Maya Manager Portal . Find out more information here .

Exploring the sandbox

While you are creating your account in Maya Manager 2.0 , you can explore our guides and navigate our APIs using our sandbox cards and API keys.

Authenticating your API call

Once you have your account's API key or choose to use our sandbox API keys, you will have to use those keys to try out the APIs in this reference page.

Our API is using Basic Authentication which uses an API key. Once you have that key, you can fill it in the username field found on the right-navigation of the API endpoint that you want to sample.


Should I use a public or secret key?

An endpoint may require to use a secret key instead of the public key.

The API key will be encoded using Base64 and inserted on to the HTTP Authorization header.

Your first API call

Once you have filled in your API key as instructed above, you can try out an API endpoint of a Maya Business product that was activated on your account.


Product Activation

An API key is mapped to a specific set of Maya Business Payment Solutions (e.g. Checkout, Vault). Please make sure that your account has access to such products. If you encounter any problems regarding this, please contact your account manager.