Supported Methods

Familiarize yourself with the API authentication method implemented in each Maya solution.

MethodDescriptionUse Cases / Solutions
Basic AuthenticationUse your API credentials, either the PUBLIC KEY or SECRET KEY to authenticate the request.
  • Maya Online Payment Solutions
  • Fund a Maya Wallet
  • Add Money using Cash In Code
  • Disbursement API
  • Remittance API
oAuth 2.0 AuthenticationUse the client credentials to authenticate the API consumers by generating tokens to access the APIs that require Bearer Authentication.
  • Maya Mini Apps

Learn the Environments

Maya allows its partners to integrate with Maya solutions through the Sandbox and Production environments.

  • Sandbox - The Sandbox environment provides an instance for integrating Maya solutions and testing development builds, without the risk of impacting live transactions and real customers. During this testing phase, you may use our Sandbox Credentials and Cards .
  • Production - The Production environment represents the live setting where actual transactions result in real charges. To conduct live transaction testing in the Production environment, you must use real cards and e-wallet accounts.