Online Payment Errors

Acquire a better understanding of Maya's Payment error codes and their resolution methods to ensure appropriate management of errors.

Maya Payment Solutions adopts a RESTful architecture and relies on HTTP response and codes to notify clients about the outcome of their requests, whether successful or not.

Error responses are returned in JSON format:

    "code": "PY0009",
    "message": "Payment does not exist.",

ℹ️ Error Code: 2553

If an error with a 2553 code appears in the response body, there will be a parameter object - an array of object containing information about the invalid fields for other errors.

    "code": "2553",
    "message": "Missing/invalid parameters.",
    "parameters": [
            "description": "value must be a number",
            "field": "totalAmount.value"
            "description": "A valid currency is required.",
            "field": "totalAmount.currency"

Error Codes

Error codes, which are alphanumeric in nature, are associated with certain errors and are integral to the suggested error management procedures.