Quickstart on Cash In via Money Movement

Explore Add Money sandbox APIs

Obtaining a Sandbox API key


Partner Onboarding

In order to get your sandbox API key, your account should be registered on to our platforms. We recommend following the onboarding process found here

Authenticating your API call

Once you have your account's API key or choose to use our sandbox API keys, you will have to use those keys to try out the APIs in this reference page.

Our API is using Basic authentication which uses an API key. Once you have that key, you can fill it in the username field found on the right-navigation of the API endpoint that you want to try.

The API key will be encoded using Base64 and inserted on to the HTTP Authorization header.


Sample base64 encoded authorization header

Your first API call

Once you have filled in your API key as instructed above, you can try out an Add Money sandbox endpoints. Please make sure that you provide the data on the required fields.