Payment Errors

Maya Business Payment Solutions API is RESTful and uses HTTP response and codes to inform clients of success or failure of requests.

Error responses are returned in JSON format.

    "code": "PY0009",
    "message": "Payment does not exist.",

Other errors with a 2553 code in its response body will have parameters which is an array of objects for invalid fields.

    "code": "2553",
    "message": "Missing/invalid parameters.",
    "parameters": [
            "description": "value must be a number",
            "field": "totalAmount.value"
            "description": "A valid currency is required.",
            "field": "totalAmount.currency"

Common HTTP errors

HTTP StatusCodeMessageDescription
4002553Missing/invalid parameters.
400PY9999Payment Vault is unreachable / timed out.
400PY0001A problem is encountered. Please contact your system administrator.Generic error please contact support if you encounter this.
400PY0002Card is expired.
400PY0007Invalid token status.
400PY0008Token is invalid
404PY0009Payment does not exist.
400PY0015Payment processor server unreachable / timed out.
400PY0016Payment processor service error.
401.PY0019ForbiddenYour account does not have access to the API. Please contact Fulfillment Team or your Account Manager
400PY0021Failed to add customer.
404PY0023Customer does not exist.
400PY0024Failed to delete customer.
400PY0025Failed to update customer details.
400PY0026Failed to update card details.
404PY0027Card does not exist.
400PY0028Failed to delete card.
400PY0029No card found for customer.
400PY0030Invalid card token status.
400PY0036Card is not supported.
400PY0037Currency is not supported.
404PY0038Webhook does not exist.
400PY0039Webhook already exists.
400PY0042Charging of subscription is not applicable.
400PY0043Card already exists.
400PY0044Payment is invalid.
400PY0045Payment is not available for void.
404PY0046Refund does not exist.
401PY0047Payment is ineligible for refund.
400PY0048Requested refund amount is greater than the original amount.
404PY0049Subscription does not exist.
400PY0051Failed to update subscription details.
400PY0052Failed to cancel subscription.
400PY0053Merchant already exists.
400PY0054Subscription already charged.
400PY0055Payment is not available for void.
422PY0057The payment has expired and cannot be processed.
403PY0058The merchant indicated does not have P2M services enabled.QR functionality is not enabled on the account
400PY0059Customer Vault server unreachable / timed out.
400PY0060Customer Vault service error.
408PY0061Notification server unreachable / timed out.
400PY0062Notification service error.
404PY0063Void does not exist.
400PY0064Invalid JSON Format.
400PY0065This merchant has no customizations present.
400PY0068Payment not executed due to authorization failure.
400PY0069Authentication server unreachable / timed out.
400PY0070Scheme is unsupported by merchant
400PY0071Payment mismatch with Merchant.
400PY0072Transaction cannot be processed. Cannot refund a transaction before cut off time.
400PY0073Transaction cannot be processed. Cannot void a transaction after cut off time.
400PY0082Refund already exists.
400PY0085Payment must be reversed from terminal.
400PY0088Card data already provided
400PY0089No card data provided
400PY0090Buyer data already provided
400PY0091Payment state is invalid for sending webhooks
400PY0092Merchant’s registered webhook is unreachable
409PY0093Payment has already been updated.
400PY0094Payment is not available for capture.
400PY0095Amount must be less than or equal to amount authorized.
400PY0096Amount must be equal to amount authorized.
PY0100Authentication failed.
PY0101Acquirer decline due to high risk.
400PY0102Card is required, as there is no Fund Source attached to your account.
400PY0103Payment is already expired.
400PY0104Reference number is linked to multiple payments.
400PY0105Account has insufficient balance to perform this transaction.
400PY0106Failed to send notification.
400PY0111Invalid batch status.
400PY0112QR data is not supported.
400PY0113Partial refund is not allowed for this transaction.
400PY0114WeChat Service unreachable / timed out.
400PY0115WeChat Service error.
400PY0116Transaction could not be completed.
400PY0117Card is invalid.
400PY0118Transaction could not be completed with this terminal.
400PY0119Issuer declined card or account.Issuer instructed to stop authorization requests for this card. Recommend to try a different card.
400PY0120Issuer decline.Can be caused by using a card with invalid card details (e.g. expired card, or wrong card number). Recommend to try a different card.
400PY0121Card is expired.
400PY0122Issuer system is unavailable.
400PY0123Account limit exceeded.Account limit exceeded. Recommend to try a different card.
400PY0124Transaction could not be verified.
400PY0125PIN is invalid or incorrect.
400PY0126PIN is invalid or incorrect.
400PY0127Please update incomplete customer records.
400PY0128Payment is ineligible for the option/s provided.
400PY0129GCash Service unreachable / timed out.
400PY0130GCash Service error.
400PY0131Attempted to void but failed in the third-party processor.
400PY0132Attempted to refund but failed in the third-party processor.
400PY0133Customer token not found.
400PY0134ShopeePay Service unreachable / timed out
400PY0135ShopeePay Service error.
400PY0136Card is compromised.
400PY0137Decline due to high risk.
400PY0138Acquirer decline.
400PY0139Third-party processor rejected reversal attempt at this time. Please try again at a later time.
400PY0140ShopeePay Service unreachable / timed out.
400PY0141ShopeePay Service error.
400PY0142Merchant enrollment verification failed for 3DS1.
400PY0143Invoice Service unreachable / timed out.
400PY0144Invoice Service error.
400PY01453DS authentication is already requested.
400PY0146Login cancelled by user.