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How do I get my credentials for production?

I have recently emailed maya support and I requested for my credentials for production since I am done with integrating maya with my online shop. I successfully transacted in sandbox and my webhooks are status 200. I have received this message from an email but I cant find it. "the credentials has been sent to you by our Operations Fulfillment team". Where do I find my production credentials?

I try to create customer and I get this error.

**NOTE**: Already try different Key from this <> **Request:** ```javascript const options = { method: 'POST', headers: { accept: 'application/json', 'content-type': 'application/json', authorization: 'Basic cGstZW80c0wzOTNDV1U1S212ZUpVYVc4VjczMFRUZWkyelk4ekU0ZEhKRHhrRjpzay1LZm1mTEpYRmRWNXQxaW5ZTjhsSU93U3J1ZUMxRzI3U0NBa2xCcVlDZHJV' }, body: JSON.stringify({ firstName: 'Maya', middleName: 'Jose', lastName: 'Juan', birthday: '1987-07-28', sex: 'F', contact: {phone: '+63(2)1234567890', email: '[email protected]'}, billingAddress: { line1: '6F Launchpad', line2: 'Sheridan Street', city: 'Mandaluyong City', state: 'Metro Manila', zipCode: '1552', countryCode: 'PH' }, shippingAddress: { firstName: 'Maya', middleName: 'Jose', lastName: 'Juan', line1: '6F Launchpad', line2: 'Sheridan Street', city: 'Mandaluyong City', state: 'Metro Manila', zipCode: '1552', countryCode: 'PH', phone: '+63(2)1234567890', email: '[email protected]', shippingType: 'ST' }, customerSince: '2020-12-25' }) }; fetch('<'>, options) .then(response => response.json()) .then(response => console.log(response)) .catch(err => console.error(err)); ``` **Response** ```json } "error": "Invalid endpoint. Please check if you are accessing the correct endpoint/resource.", "code": "K004", "reference": "8d905b2d-e0d3-41fc-ba86-b414e03a345f" } ```

Invalid authentication credentials. Kindly verify if the key you are using is correct

Im trying maya checkout <> but error using this credentials Username: 09193890579 Password: [email protected] OTP: 123456

No Gcash Payment Option on the Invoice Payment Link

![]( Weve created an invoice in the Maya Business Manage, however, the Gcash option is missing in the E-Wallet payments. How can we enable that?

Void reversal

Good day. Is it possible to reverse a voided payment? Was accidentally clicked while exploring the terminal only.

Credit Card and GCash

Hi, is there a way that we can only pay using GCash only with showing the credit card form ? and a way to pay only using Credit Card without showing e-wallets ?


hello may i know what is MID MEANS in settlement receipt ?

How can I get the public key and secret key

Thank you for assistance

Refund Period

According to this [Maya Developers documentation for refunds]( for refunds: "You may still process refunds if the transactions are within 180 days from the transaction date. Transactions beyond 180 days but are within 1 year can be processed manually." but in [P3 documentation for refunds]( "PayMaya P3 retains transactions only up to a period of 90 days in its Sandbox environment and 390 days in its Production environment." Which one is accurate for Sandbox and Production environments?

Maya and instapay

Does mayacan provide api for checking order status of instapay by using instapay