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API integration question

Hello, I would like to ask if there is an API to check if our customer send us a money? Because wee need to monitor that from time to time.

Is there a minimum transaction amount limitation?

Can PHP 5 be collected with one transaction?

Always Failed in Payment

I am encountering on payment failed of transaction always using the list of free maya cards/visa with my custom app connected to maya. It says error on processing your payment, please try again Transaction #

Webhook callback function called multiple times (Sandbox)

Hello! Recently encountered behavior on sandbox wherein the webhook retries sending to the callback function even if the initial request returned with a status code of 200 -- is this behavior on purpose for sandbox/test environment or potentially a bug? Related dev docs on built-in retries: <>

Error API call

Hello, Ask ko lang po if may problem sa API problem ngayon specifically sa SSL/TLS certificate. Ito po error sa baba. OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN in connection to Appreciate your urgent response. <br>

Lost my sim

Pa help po nawala po ung old number ko Ngayon gumawa ako ng bagong account sa paymaya kung maari po sanang I transfer ung laman ng nawala Kong sim

Guide to adding Checkout API for Paymaya Sandbox

Hi, trying out this Paymaya sandbox checkout for a local product FIRST\* but upon trying to use these <> , i get API error. Maybe I coded something wrong or do you have a guide on to use the API Sandbox using php? <br>

MCC 7011 Hotels and Accommodations

I need help how to configure payment link for 7011 MCC code category i am a hotel merchant. How can i ask maya whats my MCC Code

Add customer card in vault

Is sandbox working properly for acc card to customer? i'm always getting an error PY0008 when i add the tokenized card to the customer. below is most recent card info i used for testing. i also used good cards from list of CC from <> but i still get the same error. { "MAYA_CUSTOMER_ID":"3424f785-836f-49a1-a9ce-e7ad8c59b33d", "CARD_NUMBER": "5424821930348582", "EXP_MONTH": "09", "EXP_YEAR": "2023", "CVC": "313" } "Error from add card to customer"{ "code": 400, "response": { "code": "PY0008", "message": "Token is invalid." }, "returned by Maya for Create PaymentTokenId endpoint": { "code": 200, "response": { "paymentTokenId": "EcxUh9QOdXMmQ0FaziEdsZQip0WRQPwBCmW1xOf7m9d0CL1GIq7hXqANmeWLs9j90hxmts9pa1TBdlIAVN8cNzyDoLgbCJWmsch8wMD0q44kFP6HAUKDX7y7vOAq37IewN4CmpRxOejk2y8mQ7nqXWMb9vyDOOFQrnMs", "state": "AVAILABLE", "createdAt": "2024-03-27T19:29:52.000Z", "updatedAt": "2024-03-27T19:29:52.000Z", "issuer": "SmartPay" } } }

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