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Hi, can I receive a webhook if I trigger the void in maya manager?

Is there a Test Card that results to a Declined transaction for P3 Sale API?

We've tried everything on this section of the P3 API Documentation but none is declining. <>

How to do offline transactions if no internet on my maya POS?

Procedure on how to access my Maya POS for offline transactions. I have several times but failed. Do I need a plugin or subscription to do offline transactions?

Maya checkout change service charge to convenience fee label

Goodday how to change label or service charge to convenience fee on maya checkout?

API integration question

Hello, I would like to ask if there is an API to check if our customer send us a money? Because wee need to monitor that from time to time.

Is there a minimum transaction amount limitation?

Can PHP 5 be collected with one transaction?

Always Failed in Payment

I am encountering on payment failed of transaction always using the list of free maya cards/visa with my custom app connected to maya. It says error on processing your payment, please try again Transaction #

Webhook callback function called multiple times (Sandbox)

Hello! Recently encountered behavior on sandbox wherein the webhook retries sending to the callback function even if the initial request returned with a status code of 200 -- is this behavior on purpose for sandbox/test environment or potentially a bug? Related dev docs on built-in retries: <>

Error API call

Hello, Ask ko lang po if may problem sa API problem ngayon specifically sa SSL/TLS certificate. Ito po error sa baba. OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN in connection to Appreciate your urgent response. <br>

Lost my sim

Pa help po nawala po ung old number ko Ngayon gumawa ako ng bagong account sa paymaya kung maari po sanang I transfer ung laman ng nawala Kong sim