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How do I get my credentials for production?

I have recently emailed maya support and I requested for my credentials for production since I am done with integrating maya with my online shop. I successfully transacted in sandbox and my webhooks are status 200. I have received this message from an email but I cant find it. "the credentials has been sent to you by our Operations Fulfillment team". Where do I find my production credentials?

I try to create customer and I get this error.

**NOTE**: Already try different Key from this <> **Request:** ```javascript const options = { method: 'POST', headers: { accept: 'application/json', 'content-type': 'application/json', authorization: 'Basic cGstZW80c0wzOTNDV1U1S212ZUpVYVc4VjczMFRUZWkyelk4ekU0ZEhKRHhrRjpzay1LZm1mTEpYRmRWNXQxaW5ZTjhsSU93U3J1ZUMxRzI3U0NBa2xCcVlDZHJV' }, body: JSON.stringify({ firstName: 'Maya', middleName: 'Jose', lastName: 'Juan', birthday: '1987-07-28', sex: 'F', contact: {phone: '+63(2)1234567890', email: '[email protected]'}, billingAddress: { line1: '6F Launchpad', line2: 'Sheridan Street', city: 'Mandaluyong City', state: 'Metro Manila', zipCode: '1552', countryCode: 'PH' }, shippingAddress: { firstName: 'Maya', middleName: 'Jose', lastName: 'Juan', line1: '6F Launchpad', line2: 'Sheridan Street', city: 'Mandaluyong City', state: 'Metro Manila', zipCode: '1552', countryCode: 'PH', phone: '+63(2)1234567890', email: '[email protected]', shippingType: 'ST' }, customerSince: '2020-12-25' }) }; fetch('<'>, options) .then(response => response.json()) .then(response => console.log(response)) .catch(err => console.error(err)); ``` **Response** ```json } "error": "Invalid endpoint. Please check if you are accessing the correct endpoint/resource.", "code": "K004", "reference": "8d905b2d-e0d3-41fc-ba86-b414e03a345f" } ```

Invalid authentication credentials. Kindly verify if the key you are using is correct

Im trying maya checkout <> but error using this credentials Username: 09193890579 Password: [email protected] OTP: 123456

No Gcash Payment Option on the Invoice Payment Link

![]( Weve created an invoice in the Maya Business Manage, however, the Gcash option is missing in the E-Wallet payments. How can we enable that?

Void reversal

Good day. Is it possible to reverse a voided payment? Was accidentally clicked while exploring the terminal only.

Credit Card and GCash

Hi, is there a way that we can only pay using GCash only with showing the credit card form ? and a way to pay only using Credit Card without showing e-wallets ?

error code: K007

hello ,when I use public_key to test create checkout: curl --request POST \ --url \ --header 'accept: application/json' \ --header 'authorization: Basic cGstRlpYSnFnYVpmNFBRZjJ2OWlJMDRkUk9sM2xPMmlVQ1hUeGlpS2M3aVFNRzo=' \ --header 'content-type: application/json' \ --data ' { "totalAmount": { "value": 1000, "currency": "PHP" }, "requestReferenceNumber": "5fc10b93-bdbd-4f31-b31d-4575a3785009" } ' response: {"error":"Invalid key scope. Please check the provided key's scopes.","code":"K007","reference":"01d76364-d04d-48ad-9106-1b8cb6020350"}

Does Maya business webflow integration?

Does Maya business webflow integration?

Hiw can i received the funds if not yet received

How can i received the funds to me they send me funds via gcash

Transfer and Accepting Funds

Hi, Do I need a maya wallet if I need to do a transfer ? Then If I need to accept a payment where the funds will go ? is it in the maya wallet ?