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How to create Token ID for P3 Sale API?

Reference: https://cdn.paymaya.com/sandbox/payments_api/paymayap3/paymayap3.html#web-apis-authorizations-and-payments-post How do we create a Token ID for the "payer.fundingInstrument.card.tokenId" field of P3 Sale API? Looking through the documentation, there is a Create Payment Token API (https://developers.maya.ph/reference/createv1paymenttoken). When I use the Token returned by Create Payment Token API in the "tokenId" field, the P3 Sale API returns an error of "'tokenId' must have 1 to 36 alphanumeric characters only" Is there an available API for P3 Tokenization? Thanks

Got stuck with No.7 with the new migration

For your no.7 instruction, what can I do when the page would not let me paste my token and api even my shop name.

P3 Response Fields

Does P3 provide Acquirer AVS Result Code, Acquirer Auth Result Code, and Acquirer CVV Result Code?

Gcash Payment Is Recorded as FAILED/ Cancelled in Woocommerce Dashboard

Good day, I have a question when our client pays thru GCASH it is recorded as FAILED/CANCELLED in the Woocommerce Dashboard? Is there something I need to fix? Here is the screenshot. Thanks!

Invalid key scope.

Hi. I'd like to ask how to create an API key with scope including Paymaya wallet payment. The checkout using Credit Card is working but when I tried using the API key with 'https://pg-sandbox.paymaya.com/payby/v2/paymaya/payments', the response is: "Invalid key scope. Please check the provided key's scopes". Also, do you have a documentation on how to use GCash payment feature?