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Pano po mapapalitan Gmail KO Kasi na Di activate na sya


For application

What is Maya business

Many to many transaction

I'm trying to build an online selling website and want to integrate Payama's API for many-to-many transactions. Is this possible? By 'many-to-many,' I mean that Buyer A can purchase from any Merchant, and the payment will go directly to the bank account of the Merchant/s they buy from.

refund request

I send money via Maya QRCODE to Palawan Pay qr code but it didn't receive on Palawan Pay but it deducted on my Maya wallet how long I've been wait ?

I for got my password

Need your help I forgot my password to paymaya I hope you can help me because almost 3 weeks from now

Bkt had ko mabuksan

Nablock Yong paymaya ko

Get a Sandbox Account?

We are developing a plugin for our ecommerce platform for Maya. Just like the one that Maya has for woocommerce, but for our platform and developed by us. Right now, we successfully integrated maya checkout using the sandbox credentials and cards (<>). But we use webhook notifications to update our payment status. Since we can't create the webhooks on maya using the sandbox credentials on the documentations, we replicated the webhook request on postman to test the updating of our payment status using maya's sample webhook payloads (<>). How can we get a sandbox account to fully test the implementation? We don't need access to a real production environmnet. Only to the sandbox one. Thanks.

Designing API for Public Marketplace

Is it possible to use the PayMaya payment gateway to work on a public marketplace system where customers can pay to multiple merchants in a single API Key?

Set the password

I forgot. My password. set password

pay Maya/set-password