Payment Facilitator Guide

Payment Facilitator or PayFac is a merchant service provider that streamlines the process for businesses to begin accepting electronic payments.
With a payment facilitator, the underwriting process is continuous, meaning that underwriting occurs as each transaction is facilitated.

🔔When initiating a payment as a Payment Facilitator, you need to provide the Payment Facilitator information in the metadata object.
Check out the table below for the list of fields.

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Sample Values

subMerchantRequestReferenceNumberReference number of the sub-merchant for the related transaction63d9934f9281
pfFor a payment facilitator, this provides details regarding the sub-merchant
pf.smiSub-merchant IDstarbucks012
pf.smnSub-merchant nameStarbucks
pf.mciSub-merchant city locationMandaluyong City
pf.mpcISO 4217 Numeric currency code608 (for PHP)
pf.mcoISO 3166 Alpha-3 country codePHL
pf.mstSub-merchant abbreviated state location (required if country is USA)optional
pf.mccISO 18245 merchant category code5812
pf.postalCodeSub-merchant postal code1554
pf.contactNoContact number without spaces, dashes, or parentheses0211111111
pf.stateSub-merchant state location in full textoptional
pf.addressLine1Sub-merchant street address66-70 Sheridan cor United Sts

Sample online payment user journey

The following details will be displayed when you have successfully inputted the required pf metadata fields.

Step 1: Scan QR or login to pay

The sub-merchant name value inputted in the smn field will be displayed on the orange box above.

Step 2: Review purchase details

The sub-merchant name value inputted in the smn field will be displayed on the orange box above.

Step 3: Payment Successful

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