Card Acceptance

Supported Card Brands

Card BrandCredit CardDebit Card

How cards work

Card Info

Customer enters their card details (First Name/Last Name/Card Number/Expiry Date/CVV) on the checkout page. Card network is automatically detected, and logo is shown.


Some banks may prompt the user to authenticate the transaction by asking for ‘One-Time Password’ or OTP that the user will receive via SMS.


Issuing bank of the customer’s card will process the request. When it pass the account and card validations, issuing bank will hold the transaction amount from the user account’s balance.


Issuing banks then settle the transactions to Maya, then Maya settles to merchants account depending on the processing schedules.

⚠️ Pre-auth and capture can be configured to merchant accounts (or MIDs) with Card Payment Acceptance only. When you opt to accept both card and e-wallet payments, we recommend to request a separate MID for Card Payment Acceptance to enable pre-auth and capture feature.
You may send your request to [email protected] or contact your Maya Relations Manager.

Start accepting payments with Maya!

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ℹ️ We require using Webhooks (also called a web callback), to allow Maya to send payment-related information or events, letting your application know an event has happened. More details →

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