Welcome to Maya Developer Hub

What is the Maya Developer Hub?

The Maya Developer Hub is a resource created for businesses on the Maya Business platform. Specifically, the Maya Developer Hub is a guide to help developers on the business end achieve the objectives and get the tools that their business needs out of Maya Business.

Who is the Developer Hub for?

The Developer Hub is for businesses on the Maya platform looking to take the next step with Maya's tools and solutions.

Though you technically do not need to have a Maya Business Manager account to use the Developer Hub and Maya sandbox, you will still need to create an account if you wish to actually implement our tools for your business.


Are you on Maya Business Manager?

You'll only be able to fully use the Developer Hub if you have an active Maya Business Manager account.

If you do not have a Maya Business Manager account yet, get one here

If you have any questions about your Maya Business Manager Account, you can contact our sales support

Using the Developer Hub

You can use the Developer Hub by referring to the navigation panel on the left side of your screen. Simply click on the category that you require assistance in and find the appropriate subpage for your needs. The Developer Hub currently features the following categories:

  • Payment Solutions - Allows your platforms to accept secure payments from credit cards, e-wallets or payment links.
  • Maya Cash-in - Provides a secure, convenient and easy way for you and your consumers to transfer funds onto their Maya wallet.
  • Developer Tools - Explore our tools to aid you in developing with Maya solutions.
  • Support - Quick access to our teams to assist you in your integration journey.

Before you get started...

Before you start exploring the Maya Developer Hub, please visit the Getting Started page to make sure that you have the proper tools and permissions to go live.