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Allows your platforms to accept secure payments from credit cards, e-wallets, QRs, or payment links.

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Money Movement

Allows you and your consumers to transfer funds onto their Maya wallet in a secure and convenient way.

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Maya Mini Apps

Allows your consumer to discover and enjoy your services from the Maya app.

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Allows you to efficiently and securely disburse funds to your beneficiaries.

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Maya Demo Apps
Visit our demo website to get a hands-on experience of Maya products

Build meaningful experiences


Allows you to conveniently accept payments from cards and e-wallets.

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Allows your application to securely accept credit card information for current and future transactions.

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Pay with Maya

Allows you to accept cashless payments using Maya QR and QR Ph.

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Payment Links

Allows merchants to send a long-lived payment link where customers can process their payment.

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Cash In

Allows you to securely transfer funds onto your Maya wallet.

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Launch fast with Maya's
developer tools

Using Maya’s developer platform means less maintenance of legacy systems and more focus on core customer and product experiences.

  • Full sandbox environment
  • Interactive API explorer
  • Live event monitoring
  • Backend SDKs: PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Node.JS
  • Secure payment SDKs: iOS, Android

Security and compliance

Our payments APIs include end-to-end encryption, dispute management, fast deposits for sellers and fraud detections.

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Processing Fees

All our APIs and SDKs are free for developers to use. Maya charges processing rates on credit and debit transactions.

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Available resources

Developer forums

Get answers to your questions from Maya experts

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Direct support

Reach out with confidentiality to our Developer Support team

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