Subscription Payments

Schedule recurring payments to a linked card

Are you offering subscription package such as gym subscription or meal plan package? Schedule recurring payments using our Vault product.

Create a subscription

To start a subscription, your application should have finished linking a customer and their card to the vault. Once a card is vaulted, schedule the subscription using Create Subscription.

How to set the schedule

The Create Subscription endpoint requires the interval details in the JSON below:

    "description": "Sample subscription",
    "totalAmount": {
        "amount": "1.00",
        "currency": "PHP"
    "interval": "DAY",
    "intervalCount": 1,
    "startDate": "YYYY-MM-DD"


Acceptable values



(string) DAY, MONTH, YEAR

Behavior of the interval (daily, monthly, yearly)


(integer) 1, 3, 5

Number of intervals before the next occurrence


Daily: intervalCount = 1; interval = 'DAY'

Every 15 days: intervalCount = 15; interval = 'DAY'

Monthly: intervalCount = 1; interval = 'MONTH'

Quarterly: intervalCount = 3; interval = 'MONTH'

Annual: intervalCount = 1; interval = 'YEAR'


Subscriptions are scheduled every 11:00pm (GMT+8)

Vault will attempt to charge payments on any schedule very 11:00pm (GMT+8). If the payment fails, the subscription will become inactive. Inactive Subscriptions will not be charged.

Cancel a subscription

A subscription can be cancelled anytime using Cancel Subscription endpoint

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