Quickstart on Cash In via MI3


Before a Partner is able to do Cash In transactions with Maya, they would need to submit the following requirements.



Public GPG keys

Used to encrypt the files that will contain the API Keys. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to generate your GPG Keys.

Nominated API key recipient

Email address of the person to receive the access keys for the API.

MDTR Recipients

Email addresses of the persons to receive the generated MDTR (Mi3 Daily Transaction Report) for reconciliation. This report is generated at the end of the day, everyday and will contain transactions that were done during that period.

Minimum and Maximum Amount

To control the amounts that can be added to an account through the partner. Defaults range is from PHP100 to PHP20,000.

Brand Logos

These will be used to display the partner’s logo in the Maya App’s Add Money screen.

Required Brand Logos







80 x 60




120 x 90




160 x 120




240 x 180




320 x 240




160 x 120




240 x 180


Partners will be onboarded in the Sandbox environment once the requirements have been submitted. This environment allows test transactions and UAT to be done without affecting actual users and other partners already available in the app. Once successfully onboarded, sandbox API keys will be released to the nominated API key recipient.

The UAT activities are done alongside the Maya team because partners need to be able to generate Cash In Codes. The Maya team will generate multiple Cash In Codes that the partner can use for testing. Several test cases will be provided to the partner along with the expected result for verification. After the results have been verified, an MDTR will be generated and sent to the partner for reconciliation. Once all records are accounted for, the partner would need to notify Maya that the integration is a success and to proceed with production onboarding. After internal preparations and approvals, production API keys will be generated and sent directly to the nominated recipient.

Full onboarding flowFull onboarding flow

Full onboarding flow

Cash In Code

For Cash In transactions that involve direct involvement from the customers, Cash In codes are required. These are one-time 7-digit codes that customers present to the partner as the basis of request. Its primary purpose is to help keep track of possible money laundering acts by ensuring that the customer has authorized the transfer of funds to their own account by generating the code. This authorization signifies the customer’s voluntary participation in the transfer.

  1. The Customer initiates a transaction by selecting their preferred Partner from the Cash In screen in their app.​
Step 1Step 1

Step 1

  1. The Customer provides the necessary information to generate an Add Money Code.
Step 2Step 2

Step 2

  1. The Customer then presents the code to the Partner (e.g. counter barcode scanner, or kiosk input field). The code expires after 30 minutes, and will be invalid for use.
Step 3Step 3

Step 3

  1. The Partner uses the provided code as the recipient of the Add Money transaction. The amount must be exactly the same as what was used to create the code.

  2. The transaction is successful when the Customer is notified that the funds have been successfully credited in their Maya wallet.

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