Payout 1.0

Streamline your payout process

Maya's Payout 1.0 is poised to streamline the transition for your business while delivering the best possible experience to your beneficiaries. Payout 1.0 provides good internal controls to efficiently and securely handle your disbursements.

The Payout 1.0 Experience

Key Features

1. Session Management

Get authenticated to initiate a secured session with Payout. Session has expiry, but will refresh automatically every after successful API call.

2. Enrollment of Members

Submit a member file containing the required personal information of each member. These information will be used to verify members and make them your eligible recipients. An API is provided for you to retrieve the status of each member.

3. Disbursement

Disburse money to your eligible beneficiaries by submitting a disbursement file. You can get your wallet balance prior to disbursement and retrieve the status of each disbursement record after the disbursement process.

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