Payment Solutions

What are Maya Payment Solutions?

Maya Business' payment solutions will allow businesses to accept secure payments from credit cards, e-wallets, QR codes or payment links. These solutions currently include:

  • Maya Checkout - a full webpage hosted by Maya Business to simplify payment processing. Once your merchant account is configured, this full checkout experience can accept payments via:
    • One-time payment using Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card Payments
    • Pay with Maya (Via QR or Login)
    • QRPH
    • GCash
    • WeChat
    • Plugins: Shopify, Magento 2, WooCommerce
    • Payment Links
    • Invoice Payments
    • ShopeePay
    • Alipay Coming soon
    • Alternative payment methods (Bank Pulls) Coming soon
    • GrabPay Coming soon
  • Pay with Maya - Pay with Maya allows customers to pay by scanning a QR code through their Maya mobile application or link their wallet for recurring payments.
  • Maya Vault - Maya Business Vault allows your application to securely accept credit card information through tokenization for current and future transactions.
  • Invoice Payments - Invoice Payments allows you to create an invoice url where your customers will be able to proceed with payment without the need of an e-commerce website. This solution is ideal for conversational transactions via chat bots.