Common issues and solutions

Socket was closed before receiving a response during execution

If the HTTP socket is closed or encounters a timeout on the side of the partner such that no apparent response is available, the partner must first confirm if the transaction did proceed by retrieving the transfer using the transferId. If the resulting status is APPROVED, the client should proceed normally.

How to handle failed DECLINED transfers due to an internal timeout?

Not to be confused with socket timeouts, internal timeouts occur when PayMaya is able to respond but the error code is one of 6098, 6091, 2896. These always result to a DECLINED transfer.

Execute return HTTP 404 even if the create was a success

This error means that the transaction has already been executed. The partner must retrieve transfer using a transferId to identify the status of the transfer.

Execute returns Limit errors

This means that the recipient has already reached their daily/monthly limits and will not be able to receive further transactions until the limit is refreshed.

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